Weekly Roundup: Interview Questions, Frappuccino, Shopping, and Retirement

| July 15, 2011 | 1 Comment

The Weekly Roundup is a collection of online articles from the past week that I found particularly noteworthy, educational, or enjoyable. The articles typically fit into the technology and finance themes of Modern Saver, but there are no rules. Please post your reactions in the Comment section and have a good weekend!

 10 Companies With the Toughest Interview Questions – If you thought your job interview was difficult, you will reconsider after reading some of the interview questions from top consulting firms.

Make Your Own Starbucks Frappuccino (for $0.32) – According to the article, all you need to make your own is a blender, ice, Starbucks coffee, milk, sugar, and the secret ingredient, xantham gum, a popular food thickener (key to replicating the texture of the drink). Enjoy your own frappuccino for 92% less than the cost of the Starbucks version.

Best Day of the Week to Shop – Learn which days to get the best deals on gas, groceries, online clothing and airline tickets. Of course, you could use my method and pay with the American Express Blue Cash credit card.

Three Retirement Tips for Late Starters – Dave Ramsey, the famous personal finance and self improvement guru, offers three tips to kick-start your retirement saving, even if you’re behind the curve.



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  1. Leslie says:

    I read the article on the 3 retirement tips for late starters, and for the most part I agree with what was said. I am not sure that the finding a 12% return on Mutual Funds is overly attainable, but I understand the point.

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