Weekly Roundup: Discipline, Gen X Retirement, Google Wallet, Career Moves

| May 27, 2011 | 1 Comment

The Myth of Discipline – Is discipline just too hard? Think again. Leo Babauta contends that every single thing you do is a result of motivation; NOT discipline. Check out my review of Leo’s book, The Power of Less.

4 Reasons Your Retirement is Riskier Than Your Parents – The article cites three year Boston College research showing American savings is getting worse and lists reasons why Gen X needs to be more concerned about their retirement.

Can Google Replace Your Wallet? – The search giant has developed software for its Nexus S smartphone that will allow some customers to link their credit or debit card information to a chip in the phone, then use the handset to pay at participating retailers.

Five Career Moves with Exponential Returns – April Dykman provides excellent advice on how to get ahead at the workplace (without throwing your coworkers under the bus).



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