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Calendar 2011We all know that products periodically go on sale for a variety of factors. But did you know there is often a “best time” to buy certain products? For instance, many car dealerships are under pressure to meet monthly sales goals and will be much more willing to give deals at the end of the month. Alternatively, some products are seasonal – e.g. patio furniture – and stores will do anything to get old inventory out the door to make room for this season’s latest and greatest product.

Lifehacker recently posted an article detailing “the best times to buy anything in 2011“. I found the list comprehensive and useful enough that it should be shared again on Modern Saver. Listed below are the best times to buy anything, organized by month.


  • Gas grills & air conditioners – they’re off-season
  • Bicycles and Sporting Goods
  • Furniture – It’s both a lull and changeover for the showrooms
  • Digital Frames – The Christmas rush is over, prices are in the basement
  • Carpeting


  • Power tools – tool companies are beginning promotions
  • Chocolate (after Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14)
  • Digital cameras – the newest models are out, fresh from the trade shows, so all the old models are going for cheap


  • Luggage
  • Frozen foods – March is “National Frozen Food Month”… seriously.
  • Winter coats & sports gear – last push to get winter gear out the doors before spring and summer clothes arrive
  • Boats – it’s the end of boat show season


  • Television – Japanese manufacturer’s fiscal years end in March, so old inventory must go to boost revenue numbers
  • House
  • Boots & winter wear
  • Cruises – cruise lines are moving ships around the world this month. Book and travel short-notice this month
  • Car accessories & parts – prime auto repair season is coming up, so old inventory must go
  • Laptops
  • Fabric – craft stores are shifting from heavier winter fabrics to lighter spring fabrics
  • Cookware
  • Vacuum cleaners – the new models arrive in June
  • Sneakers


  • Patio furniture – new inventory arrives in stores
  • Party supplies
  • Cookware
  • Vacuum cleaners


  • Gym membership – nobody is making their new year’s resolutions and the weather is nice out. The odds are in your favor on this haggle.
  • Tools (June 1-20) – Father’s Day deals
  • Suits (June 1-20) – Father’s Day deals
  • Dishware
  • Off-season sports gear


  • Big appliances – showrooms are moving out last year’s models, making room for new stuff. All the scratch-and-dent piences that are totally operational are offered at deep discounts.
  • “Older” computers – as in, “no just arriving”. Intel and AMD and system makers start ramping up for new stuff now, discounting old stuff.
  • Furniture
  • Broadway tickets – it’s off-season for NYC tourism
  • Grills (after July 4)
  • Gym Memberships – (added per reader comment)


  • “Older” computers – (same as July)
  • Laptops – back to school discounts
  • Outdoor toys & camping equipment
  • Kids’ clothing
  • Wine
  • Linens & storage containers – deals for the college crowd


  • Cars – it’s the sweet spot between two years’ inventory
  • Wine
  • Laptops – more back to school discounts
  • Holiday airfare – now is about 8 weeks out from Thanksgiving
  • Grills & lawn mowers – stores are moving them out of inventory and making room for snow blowers


  • Shrubs, bushes bulbs
  • Jeans – all the jeans that weren’t sold during back to school specials
  • Cookware
  • Health insurance
  • Toys and games


  • Candy – post-Halloween
  • Aluminum foil & plastic wrap
  • Cookware
  • Wedding dresses (starting Nov. 15)
  • HDTV & Home theater gear – from now until the Super Bowl


  • Wedding dresses (and other wedding gear)
  • Tools
  • Champagne and sparkling wine – this is both the time it’s prevalent and the time to buy it
  • HDTVs and home theater equipment
  • Off-color cars – you can probably get a deal right now as a year-end write-off for the dealership

Thanks, Lifehacker! If you have any other items to add to the list, post a comment with the item and the reason it’s discounted and I’ll update the post.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for this post, Joe! I’d be interested in more posts about money-saving shopping. Do you have any information about buying some of this stuff online vs in stores? Is it ever better to shop from home?

    • Joe says:

      Thanks for your questions! I’ll research online vs. in-store for a future blog post. I’m sure there are advantages to each. Stay tuned…

  2. Kathleen says:

    Hi Joe,
    I loved this post and just wanted to add another thought with regards to buying gym memberships cheaply. Most clubs/gyms will offer cheaper or discounts on membership in the summer months (July August) as they try to boost flagging sales and reach their monthly sales targets. Let’s face it many people buy gym membership in January (after New Year’s resolutions are made) but often loose interest in a month or so. Keep up these great posts. Thanks.

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