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ShopSavvy App

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

The ShopSavvy app, which is available on both Android and iPhone, is a price comparison utility which can save you a lot of money every time you shop. The app “scans” product barcodes through the built-in smartphone camera, instantly determines the product name, and compares prices on the internet and around the shopper’s physical location. […]

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phone girl

Conference Call with a BlackBerry

We periodically encounter situations where another person needs to join your phone conversation. “Dialing someone in” to quickly communicate an idea or reach a consensus can be more practical (or necessary) than scheduling a formal conference call sometime in the future. Attendee Limits If you’re using your BlackBerry device on a CDMA network, you are […]

December 27, 2011 | 0 Comments More
Increase Productivity

Work Productivity

Productivity at the office is a common issue, especially among knowledge workers sitting in front of computers all day. Regardless of what your job title, we’ve all found ourselves mindlessly clicking through Facebook albums, checking personal email, or scrolling through online articles at work. I will be the first to admit that it’s not healthy […]

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Human Cloning

Blackberry Duplicate Contacts

If you’ve noticed multiple versions of the same contact in your BlackBerry, you may be experiencing the dreaded duplicate contact problem. Duplicate contacts in your BlackBerry may not sound bad at first. However, as you may know, multiple versions of the same contact creates a problem when you need to updated someone’s contact information. You […]

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Girl Dialing

Pause and Wait on Blackberry, iPhone and Droid

Have you ever thought about how many numbers you dial over and over? For example, your voicemail password, phone banking system menus, or a significant other’s office phone extension? Wouldn’t it be easier if the phone could just remember to dial those extra numbers for you? Well it can. A lesser-known feature of cell phones […]

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BlackBerry GMail

Separate Work Email and GMail on BlackBerry

If you use a BlackBerry smartphone to read your work email, it’s likely that you also want the convenience of reading your personal email on the same phone. Combining work and personal emails in one “inbox” or “folder” might sound convenient at first, but it depends on how many emails you have or how efficiently […]

December 30, 2010 | 1 Comment More
BlackBerry Phone Calls Only

Minimize Distractions on the BlackBerry

In order to minimize distractions from your BlackBerry (or any other smartphone), change the sound profile to “Phone Calls Only.” By switching to this setting, the phone will not chime, chirp, buzz, or otherwise seize your attention countless times throughout the day. Will you still check your phone instinctively for emails/texts/BBMs? Of course. However, the […]

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