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ShopSavvy App

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

The ShopSavvy app, which is available on both Android and iPhone, is a price comparison utility which can save you a lot of money every time you shop. The app “scans” product barcodes through the built-in smartphone camera, instantly determines the product name, and compares prices on the internet and around the shopper’s physical location. […]

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PNC Logo

PNC Virtual Wallet Review

The advent of online banking, which is now provided by a majority of banks and credit unions, ushered in a tremendous increase in efficiency for consumers by reducing time required to manage bank records, balance a checkbook or visit a branch office to execute a transaction. All of your banking information is available in a […]

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Money on my Mind

Why Humans Don’t Want to Save

Research (1) shows that humans are just not programmed to make sound financial decisions. The poor financial decision-making ability of humans can be boiled down to two basic causes: We do not understand basic economics We cannot resist immediate gratification As a result, human saving and retirement accounts will continue to flounder despite the growing […]

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