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Weekly Roundup: Do the Opposite, 401k, Google Advisor, Cable Alternatives

Weekly Roundup: Do the Opposite, 401k, Google Advisor, Cable Alternatives

Career Advice: ‘Don’t Do What You’re Supposed To’ – Ori Bengal offers ten fantastic tips for hopeful entrepreneurs. 5 Things to Know About Your 401k – Are you getting your employer match? Will you be able to keep your money when you leave your employer? Are you buying tax advantaged fund in a tax-deferred plan? […]

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YouMail Logo

YouMail Visual Voice Mail

Think about how you traditionally receive and listen to voice mail. Someone calls and you’re away from your phone. You receive the notification and now you stop what you’re doing to call your voice mail inbox. There might be other unheard messages that you must act upon before listening to the message you just missed. […]

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World Flags

Remove Global Translator Plugin for SEO

After installing the Global Translator plugin for WordPress a few weeks ago, I have decided it has a negative effect on SEO.  I originally installed the Global Translator plugin as a convenience for the non-English-speaking visitors of this blog. The plugin quickly increased crawler activity and the number of pages being viewed in other languages. […]

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BlackBerry GMail

Separate Work Email and GMail on BlackBerry

If you use a BlackBerry smartphone to read your work email, it’s likely that you also want the convenience of reading your personal email on the same phone. Combining work and personal emails in one “inbox” or “folder” might sound convenient at first, but it depends on how many emails you have or how efficiently […]

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Sync Lotus Notes and Google Calendar

Sync Google Calendar and Lotus Notes Calendars

If you are forced to use Lotus Notes at work, you may be struggling with maintaining two calendars: your work calendar and personal calendar. Maybe it’s just me, but I cannot bring myself to include personal events/reminders on Lotus Notes calendar at work. Reminders for bills and other personal events just shouldn’t be included on […]

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Phil Jones Search Results

How to Hide Your Google Profile

Since April 2009, when you search for an individual on Google, relevant Google Profiles will be included at the bottom of the results. For example, if you searched for Phil Jones, you would see the following results: As long as you’re Phil Jones and you’re comfortable with everyone being able to see the information you […]

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GMail - Filter Unread Emails

Show Only Unread Email in GMail

So you just setup a ton of filters in GMail to separate the clutter from your precious inbox. The next step is to read and/or delete all of the emails in your inbox which have managed to “slip through the cracks” over the years. The inbox can be filtered to show only unread email by […]

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