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The ShopSavvy app, which is available on both Android and iPhone, is a price comparison utility which can save you a lot of money every time you shop. The app “scans” product barcodes through the built-in smartphone camera, instantly determines the product name, and compares prices on the internet and around the shopper’s physical location.

ShopSavvy Scanning Barcode

ShopSavvy Scanning Barcode View

The app’s sensor for scanning barcodes constantly adjusts focus and recognizes barcodes immediately. As shown in the screenshot above, the app provides a shadow box within which the barcode should be captured.

For a quick test of the application, I scanned the Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set at Barnes & Noble. B&N was selling this product for $53.97, which I quickly found out was the highest price in my shopping area.

ShopSavvy Product Scan - Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set

ShopSavvy view after scanning Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set

ShopSavyy Hunger Games Boxed Set Price Comparison

ShopSavvy Price Comparison view

To my surprise, the same boxed set was available at a nearby Walmart for half the price charged by Barnes & Noble. Since Walmart was merely two miles away, I decided to take the short drive to save almost $30.

Using ShopSavvy, which took only 10 seconds to start the app and scan the barcode, resulted in saving approximately $30 on one product. Imagine the potential savings if you scanned all of the products purchased over a month’s time. If you found out some of the products you routinely buy are available for less online, would you buy them online? Of course! ShopSavvy can help you figure out the right place to buy everything, subsequently saving you from spending untold amounts of money.

What else can ShopSavvy do? The app developers have added great new features as of version 5.3.0, including My Wallet, My Lists, and Stuff I’m Selling.

ShopSavvy App Account Settings

ShopSavvy App Account Settings

“My Wallet” allows you to add credit card and shipping address information to your account so can buy online products through ShopSavvy with one click rather than entering your information at the various online retailer’s websites. “My Lists” contains listed of related products, including existing lists such as “NYT Best Sellers.”

ShopSavvy My Lists view

ShopSavvy My Lists view

The list functionality allows you to organize products into a single group. For example, you could add your grocery list and check the prices of certain items on a routine basis.

ShopSavvy allows shoppers to update the image or title of a scanned product and add their local price. These features, which are available within the app for all products, allow the ShopSavvy product database to expand and become more accurate on a daily basis. In addition to the constantly updated database, I anticipate even more helpful features to be added in future versions. Overall, I’m impressed with this application and highly recommend it to anyone with a smartphone and a penchant for saving money. Do yourself a favor and install ShopSavvy today!

ShopSavvy Download Links: iPhone, Android Phone, Windows Phone


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