Reduce Your Cable Bill

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Cut your cable billGizmodo recently published an article on how to call the phone company to reduce your phone bill. The article is a step-by-step guide on how to call your cable service provider and negotiate your way into a lower monthly bill.

In preparation to call your cable service provider, it’s important to be familiar with the cable deals being offered by the local competition (assuming there is competition – many times there is not). The best site for quickly comparing cable deals in your area is ConnectMyCable. Visit the site, submit your address (or a nearby address), and  you will be presented with all of the current cable promotions in your area.

The article also suggests calling the cable provider during the morning hours because call center employees will be less annoyed and more apt to offer you a deal. Conversely, it may be in your interest to call in the evening, when call center employees are exhausted from bargaining all day. In that case, they will be more apt to cave in to your demands.  Keep in mind that it’s entirely possible that the timing of your call is not a reliable strategy if the call center employees work in shifts.

Good luck with changing your cable bill and let us know what methods work best for you in the comments!

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