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Feed My InboxI recently stumbled across an online service called Feed My Inbox, which can scan individual webpages and send an email to your inbox with any updates. There are a number of potential uses for this service:

  • Receive daily emails of the local weather forecast
  • Receive updates on new Craigslist items that meet your search criteria
  • Receive updates on new products on e-Commerce site like or
  • Receive updates on new blog posts and any other webpage

The advantage of a service like Feed My Inbox is that it eliminates the need for a user to constantly check a webpage for updates. Take, for example, the example above. If you’re waiting for a certain lounge shoe to hit the shelves, or if they are not currently stocking size 15 Nike Golf shoes, you can add the URL of those particular search result pages into a new Feed My Inbox feed and get immediately notified if your search criteria is updated.

A blog which doesn’t offer an RSS feed a rare breed, but it’s exactly the reason I use Feed My Inbox, and it works great! I signed up for the free service, which offers the ability to track 5 pages on a daily basis. There are three more service plans, ranging up to the $16/month plan, which offers unlimited web pages tracking with additional customization options.

Feed My Inbox Plans

Feed My Inbox service plans as of 2/5/2011

Although they offer a plan with 75 feeds, I would not recommend having that many sent to your inbox. I’m sure someone has a business need for that many feeds, but that would be content overload for any single person.

Once you’ve signed up, any time a webpage you’re tracking is updated, you will receive a well-formatted email detailing the new content. This is a well executed service with seemingly unlimited potential usage.

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