How to Opt-Out of Verizon CPNI

| December 13, 2010 | 1 Comment

If you didn’t read the 30 page Verizon service agreement document when you purchased your phone, you probably missed this line:

We (Verizon) believe that it will benefit our customers to be able to share information with Verizon affiliates, so that they can receive information about all products and services that Verizon has to offer, including bundled offerings of Verizon Telecom and Verizon Wireless. Customers who don’t want that information can tell us so, by “opting out.”

In other words, Verizon thinks it has your best interest in mind when it sells information about your phone usage to companies that deliver ads to your phone. If you disagree, or would prefer not to have the “opportunity” to be spammed with ads, follow the following steps to opt-out of Verizon’s Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) settings.

Step 1: Go to and login to your account.

Step 2: Roll over the “Account” link, then click on “Account Profile”

Verizon Wireless Account Profile

Screenshot from Verizon Wireless website: Click on Account Profile

Step 3: Click on “Manage Privacy Settings”

Verizon Wireless Manage Privacy Settings

Screenshot from Verizon Wireless: Manage Privacy Settings

Step 4: Click on the “Don’t Share CPNI” radio button for all phone numbers.

Verizon Wireless Don't Share CPNI

Screenshot from Verizon Wireless: Don't Share CPNI (phone number removed for privacy)

Click on the “submit” button and you’re all done. Congratulations, you have now protected your privacy and reduced the number of ads sent to your phone.

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  1. Drew Graybeal says:

    My account interface doesn’t look like this and doesn’t have any of those choices. Nor does the 1-800-333-9956 work. It just takes me to a payment menu.

    I have a pay as you go phone with Verizon, that could be the difference.

    I found a number to call from the website
    866-554-5055 but they ask for a 12 digit number that would appear on my paper hardcopy bill. I don’t get those because I pay on my phone so I can’t use this option either.

    Did I slip through the cracks with the pre pay phone, or is this a scam?

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