How to Find a Professional Handyman

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HandygirlIn the market for a handyman? All homes gradually deteriorate, so ff you are a homeowner, you will need one eventually. Good qualities of a handyman are:

  • ability to work within a realistic budget
  • accurate time/cost estimation
  • organized, system approach to projects
  • craftsmanship, service and professionalism

A professional handyman should be able to tackle most, if not all, of the home improvement projects that have been on the “someday” section of your “to do” list. See below for a list of their common services:

  • Bathrooms and Basements
  • Insurance Repair (damage from storm, water, vandalism) – the handyman may work directly with your insurance company
  • Carpentry (interior) – baseboard, chair rail, crown molding, cabinets, doors, shelves, trim
  • Carpentry (exterior) – decks, fences, railing, stairs, fascia, framing, siding, soffits, roofs, windows, sheds, pergolas
  • Concrete / Masonry – repairs to brick/stucco, pouring concrete, replacing sections of driveway, powerwashing, sealing, epoxy coating
  • Electrical – replace ceiling fans, GFCIs, light fixtures, troubleshoot fixtures, switches, outlets and breakers, install lighting
  • Drywall, Plater & Paint
  • Flooring & Tile – repair or install tile backsplash, countertop, floors, walls, showers
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing

I would be more inclined to call a company that specializes in roofing and plumbing if the job was large enough. However, the advantage of a professional handyman will be bundling the services together and their trustworthy advice.

To find a high quality professional handyman in your area, I recommend using the referral method. Check with any friends, family or neighbors to see if they had a good experience with a handyman in the past. At the same time, make sure to talk to your former real estate agent and home inspector. Both professions stay closely involved in the real estate business and will surely have some experience with professional handyman. The last resort should be calling a handyman based on their advertisements. Using the referral method, especially via email, will save you the time required to scour advertisements and call more companies to compare rates.

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