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random numbers

Excel Random Number Generation

Whether you need to select a sample or need test data, Microsoft Excel is capable of generating random numbers which can satisfy these requirements and many more. Excel has two key functions which relate to the generation of random numbers: RAND() and RANDBETWEEN(). Random Number Generation (Duplicates Are Acceptable) When randomly generating numbers, you must […]

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backup media

Backups (Part 2): Backup Methods

Since you understand the importance of backing up your files, and decided which files are worth backing up, you need to determine how you will backup the data. The amount of data that you want to back up plays an important role in this decision. External Hard Drive External hard drives offer the same functionality […]

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Hard Drive Crash Girl

Backups (Part 1): Why Bother?

The hard drive is the part of the computer where all of your data is stored. Unfortunately, the hard drive is also the part of your computer which has the highest likelihood of breaking unexpectedly.  As shown by a 2007 Google study (of hundreds of thousands of hard drives in their data center), there is […]

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IT Word Cloud

Separate All Text to the Right of a Word in Excel

I was recently using an application which exported a report into Microsoft Excel format. The report separated most fields into separate cells, but for some reason, it combined certain fields together into once cell. Unfortunately, I needed a way to separate the combined data into two cells so I could use a filter. The combined data […]

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Letter D

Remove Middle Initials in Excel

Occasionally, I need to compare two or more lists of names to determine any matches across the lists. Depending on the sources, the formatting of the lists may be completely different. Even minor differences in formatting can result in a challenging comparison in Microsoft Excel. If you run a quick Google search online regarding the […]

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CrashPlan Unable to Connect

CrashPlan Unable to Connect to the Local Backup Engine

If you are presented with the “Unable to Connect to the Local Backup Engine” error screen, follow these steps to get CrashPlan working again. 1. Start > Run > type “services.msc” and hit Enter 2. Find “CrashPlan Backup Service” in the list of services and double-click on it. 3. Click the Start button to ensure […]

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Create PDF from Blank File

How to Insert Blank Page in PDF File

Adding a blank page to an Adobe PDF file is surprisingly easy. The first step is opening your version of Adobe Acrobat Standard (note: I am using version 8). There is a “Create PDF” button, but that won’t help you create a blank page. Instead, look up to the menu bar and make the following […]

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