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fax online

Fax Online

Even though fax machines have been rendered obsolete by scanners and email for years, there are certain situations which necessitate a fax machine. If you only send a few faxes per year, it’s not worth having a phone line (approximately $25 per month) and buying your own fax machine (approximately $35) to send faxes. One […]

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wireless speed

Increase Wireless Speed by Changing Wireless Channel

We all have a wide range of devices in our homes that are designed to be streaming data over Wi-Fi at any given moment, if not constantly. The wireless router is responsible for directing all of this wireless data from its origin to the correct recipient. If you are in a crowded neighborhood or apartment […]

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Netflix Special Offer Giveaway!

Modern Saver is giving away four one-month free trials to Netflix! How do you receive one? Simply fill out the Modern Saver newsletter form below with your name and email address by 10:00pm on June 8. Don’t worry, you will not be spammed and your email address will not be shared with anyone. I will […]

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Mint Logo Money Management Site Review is a website which allows users to bring all of your financial accounts together into one single dashboard. is able to create this single view of financial information by using login credentials provided by users and logging in to your financial institution’s website on your behalf. Mint captures the transaction history in your […]

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Sports iPad

How to Watch Sports without Cable

Whether you have decided to leave cable behind, or just need more access to your favorite sports team, you may be in the market for purchasing a specific game streaming package. Most professional sports leagues own the rights to all of their video and offer their own proprietary streaming service. Services for providing streaming video […]

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Receive Notice of Website Changes by Email

I recently stumbled across an online service called Feed My Inbox, which can scan individual webpages and send an email to your inbox with any updates. There are a number of potential uses for this service: Receive daily emails of the local weather forecast Receive updates on new Craigslist items that meet your search criteria […]

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World Flags

Remove Global Translator Plugin for SEO

After installing the Global Translator plugin for WordPress a few weeks ago, I have decided it has a negative effect on SEO.  I originally installed the Global Translator plugin as a convenience for the non-English-speaking visitors of this blog. The plugin quickly increased crawler activity and the number of pages being viewed in other languages. […]

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How to Create Your Own Website

Want to create your own website but don’t have a clue where to start? Don’t have a few hundred dollars laying around to pay a professional web designer either? The process of creating your own website is surprisingly simple and affordable. After setting up multiple websites over the past 10 years, I have discovered the […]

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