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Many BlackBerry applications can automatically track RSS feeds and deliver them right to your phone. Applications such as Viigo and BlackBerry News Feeds will both accomplish this task. However, before you decided to bog down your BlackBerry with yet another app, first consider that BlackBerry is able to handle RSS feeds on its own.

How to Use BlackBerry RSS

When you want to read the RSS feed of a website, simply add “/rss” or “/feed” at the end of the domain name. For example, the Modern Saver feed can be accessed at (Subscribe if you haven’t already). Use this method to peruse slowly loading websites or other sites with layouts which don’t scale well to the BlackBerry screen. RSS feeds load super quickly because they are just small text files with headlines and short descriptions of recent articles. Once you find an article of interest, click on the title and BlackBerry will go directly to the full text version.

All RSS Feeds Aren’t the Same

Popular news websites (e.g. CNN and Fox News) have spent time customizing RSS feeds for particular types of news categories. These sites will likely have numerous unique URLs for separate RSS feeds so adding the “/rss” and “/feed” URL appendix will not necessarily work. Of course, you could determine the RSS feed URL of these sites and type them manually into your BlackBerry. However, these websites usually have a mobile-friendly version or a standalone app, so you can read them faster one way or another.

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