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If you’ve noticed multiple versions of the same contact in your BlackBerry, you may be experiencing the dreaded duplicate contact problem. Duplicate contacts in your BlackBerry may not sound bad at first. However, as you may know, multiple versions of the same contact creates a problem when you need to updated someone’s contact information. You have the problem of deciding which version of the contact to update. Then you will inevitably have a problem in the future when you go to call, text, or email the person, and you can’t remember which contact information is the most current. How frustrating!

What Causes Duplicate Contacts?

What devilish person is responsible for creating duplicate contacts? Unfortunately, you may have created this problem yourself by installing an application on your BlackBerry. Don’t worry, you’re not the first person to make this mistake. In my experience, the main culprit of duplicate contacts is an application called, “Google Sync.” I experienced the duplicate contacts first hand shortly after I installed Google Sync on my BlackBerry, so that is my biggest clue. However, there are probably other applications which are capable of creating duplicate contacts on your BlackBerry.

Effects of Duplicate Contacts

Regardless of how the duplicate contacts are being created, the problem can become out of hand quickly. In my case, I had over 6,000 contacts at one point; a majority of which were duplicates. The effect of thousands of unnecessary contacts on your phone is a significant degradation in performance. It causes the phone to take more time to reboot and more time to search for names when texting, calling, or emailing. Luckily, there is an easy solution to the problem of duplicate contacts.

Removing Duplicate Contacts on the BlackBerry

Consider all of the third party applications you’ve installed on your phone and disable the ones which ones are responsible for duplicating data over the network. If you can isolate any of these apps, such as Google Sync, modify the settings so that contacts are no longer synced. Next, on your BlackBerry, go to the BlackBerry App World and download the app, “Contacts Cleaner,” which sells for $0.99. Once installed, run Contacts Cleaner from your Downloads folder, and wait for the prompt.

Once Contacts Cleaner is running, click the menu button and select “Clean” from the menu. It will scan your contacts for duplicates, which may take several minutes, depending on the severity of your duplication problem. Once it has completed scanning, it will prompt you about continuing to remove the duplicates. Click “Yes.” Repeat the scanning and deleting process as necessary. It took about five iterations of this process to finally remove over 6,000 duplicates which plagued my phone.

More Resources

For more information on the Contacts Cleaner app, head to the BlackBerry App World online. If you are still experiencing contact duplication issues, search the BlackBerry Knowledge Base for “duplicate contacts” and you will find more information specific to certain email clients like Microsoft Outlook.

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    Just erased 1,312 duplicates with your instructions. Gracias! :)

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