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Walmart vs Target

Target vs. Walmart: Who Really Has the Lowest Prices?

Think you’re getting the lowest prices at Wal-Mart? Think again! Wal-Mart, long known for its low prices, appears to be losing its competitive edge to rival store Target. In a recent study, retail consulting firm Customer Growth Partners compared 35 brand-name items sold at Wal-Mart and Target stores in New York, Indiana and North Carolina. […]

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Mint Logo Money Management Site Review is a website which allows users to bring all of your financial accounts together into one single dashboard. is able to create this single view of financial information by using login credentials provided by users and logging in to your financial institution’s website on your behalf. Mint captures the transaction history in your […]

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the magic of thinking big

The Magic of Thinking Big Review

I originally picked up The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz, Ph.D. because it was the first book recommended by Tim Ferris in The Four Hour Work Week. The Magic of Thinking Big is written for people with a desire for greater success and the intelligence to select a tool to realize that […]

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Sports iPad

How to Watch Sports without Cable

Whether you have decided to leave cable behind, or just need more access to your favorite sports team, you may be in the market for purchasing a specific game streaming package. Most professional sports leagues own the rights to all of their video and offer their own proprietary streaming service. Services for providing streaming video […]

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Money on my Mind

Why Humans Don’t Want to Save

Research (1) shows that humans are just not programmed to make sound financial decisions. The poor financial decision-making ability of humans can be boiled down to two basic causes: We do not understand basic economics We cannot resist immediate gratification As a result, human saving and retirement accounts will continue to flounder despite the growing […]

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AMEX Blue Cash Small

American Express Blue Cash Card

Choosing your credit cards is an important decision which warrants a review of your spending habits and consideration of what features are most valuable. For example, some people do not carry balances on their credit card so they don’t care about the APR; they want points or cash back. Others may be spending a lot […]

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Feed My Inbox logo 3

Receive Notice of Website Changes by Email

I recently stumbled across an online service called Feed My Inbox, which can scan individual webpages and send an email to your inbox with any updates. There are a number of potential uses for this service: Receive daily emails of the local weather forecast Receive updates on new Craigslist items that meet your search criteria […]

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