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Big Antenna

Watch HD TV for Free

In 2009, I was paying approximately $120 a month for an HD cable package which included “premium” HD sports, concerts and random shows. Were these channels awesome? Oh yes. Was it necessary? Not at all. In fact, having these channels was a complete luxury which I decided I could live without. I made the decision […]

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Stock Market Guy

What are Dual Listed Companies?

After witnessing the popularity of Velti plc (Nasdaq: VELT) as it went public on January 28, 2011, I realized that the company trades on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange under the symbol VEL. How can the company trade on the London Stock Exchange and also go public on the NASDAQ? It […]

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Crazy Busy Book Cover

Crazy Busy Review

Are you too busy? Do you feel overwhelmed by your constantly growing to-do list? Does it seem like as much as you try, unavoidable tasks just “pop up” during your work day and your plans fly out the window? I have to admit, I’ve felt this way many times despite the number of time-saving strategies […]

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Calendar 2011

Best Times to Buy Anything in 2011

We all know that products periodically go on sale for a variety of factors. But did you know there is often a “best time” to buy certain products? For instance, many car dealerships are under pressure to meet monthly sales goals and will be much more willing to give deals at the end of the […]

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The Investment Answer

The Investment Answer Review

Have you ever thought that you should be getting a better return on your money but just didn’t know where to start? If only you had the first clue about investing, you could invest online or hire a trustworthy financial advisor. The authors of The Investment Answer know better than anyone else that many investors […]

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Girl Dialing

Pause and Wait on Blackberry, iPhone and Droid

Have you ever thought about how many numbers you dial over and over? For example, your voicemail password, phone banking system menus, or a significant other’s office phone extension? Wouldn’t it be easier if the phone could just remember to dial those extra numbers for you? Well it can. A lesser-known feature of cell phones […]

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World Flags

Remove Global Translator Plugin for SEO

After installing the Global Translator plugin for WordPress a few weeks ago, I have decided it has a negative effect on SEO.  I originally installed the Global Translator plugin as a convenience for the non-English-speaking visitors of this blog. The plugin quickly increased crawler activity and the number of pages being viewed in other languages. […]

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