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BlackBerry GMail

Separate Work Email and GMail on BlackBerry

If you use a BlackBerry smartphone to read your work email, it’s likely that you also want the convenience of reading your personal email on the same phone. Combining work and personal emails in one “inbox” or “folder” might sound convenient at first, but it depends on how many emails you have or how efficiently […]

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How to Create Your Own Website

Want to create your own website but don’t have a clue where to start? Don’t have a few hundred dollars laying around to pay a professional web designer either? The process of creating your own website is surprisingly simple and affordable. After setting up multiple websites over the past 10 years, I have discovered the […]

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Cut your cable bill

Reduce Your Cable Bill

Gizmodo recently published an article on how to call the phone company to reduce your phone bill. The article is a step-by-step guide on how to call your cable service provider and negotiate your way into a lower monthly bill. In preparation to call your cable service provider, it’s important to be familiar with the […]

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Top 30 401k Plans of 2010

Brightscope recently announced the Top 30 401k plans of 2010. The Top 30 list is comprised of large 401k plans with high overall quality, as measured by the Brightscope rating system. The Brightscope rating system measures how effectively a company’s 401k plan gets it’s employees to retirement. Key factors in the rating system include: Company […]

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Privacy Please

How to Opt-Out of Verizon CPNI

If you didn’t read the 30 page Verizon service agreement document when you purchased your phone, you probably missed this line: We (Verizon) believe that it will benefit our customers to be able to share information with Verizon affiliates, so that they can receive information about all products and services that Verizon has to offer, […]

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Sync Lotus Notes and Google Calendar

Sync Google Calendar and Lotus Notes Calendars

If you are forced to use Lotus Notes at work, you may be struggling with maintaining two calendars: your work calendar and personal calendar. Maybe it’s just me, but I cannot bring myself to include personal events/reminders on Lotus Notes calendar at work. Reminders for bills and other personal events just shouldn’t be included on […]

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Letter D

Remove Middle Initials in Excel

Occasionally, I need to compare two or more lists of names to determine any matches across the lists. Depending on the sources, the formatting of the lists may be completely different. Even minor differences in formatting can result in a challenging comparison in Microsoft Excel. If you run a quick Google search online regarding the […]

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