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Podcast Screenshot

Listen to More Podcasts by Increasing the Playback Speed

Rather than listening to music, I have begun listening to podcasts while traveling for work. Long trips in the car are ideal for listening to podcasts since you already have limited options, so you might as well learn something useful during your drive. The secret to making the most out of your podcast-listening experience is […]

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Complaint Guy

Sample Hotel Complaint Letter

During a recent Hilton Garden Inn stay on business, I had such a bad dry cleaning experience that management needed to be notified. There are a few important points to remember while writing your own complaint letter. Just the Facts – Keep the description of the event(s) factual and include an appropriate degree of detail. […]

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Phil Jones Search Results

How to Hide Your Google Profile

Since April 2009, when you search for an individual on Google, relevant Google Profiles will be included at the bottom of the results. For example, if you searched for Phil Jones, you would see the following results: As long as you’re Phil Jones and you’re comfortable with everyone being able to see the information you […]

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How to Find a Professional Handyman

In the market for a handyman? All homes gradually deteriorate, so ff you are a homeowner, you will need one eventually. Good qualities of a handyman are: ability to work within a realistic budget accurate time/cost estimation organized, system approach to projects craftsmanship, service and professionalism A professional handyman should be able to tackle most, […]

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