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BlackBerry Phone Calls Only

Minimize Distractions on the BlackBerry

In order to minimize distractions from your BlackBerry (or any other smartphone), change the sound profile to “Phone Calls Only.” By switching to this setting, the phone will not chime, chirp, buzz, or otherwise seize your attention countless times throughout the day. Will you still check your phone instinctively for emails/texts/BBMs? Of course. However, the […]

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CrashPlan Unable to Connect

CrashPlan Unable to Connect to the Local Backup Engine

If you are presented with the “Unable to Connect to the Local Backup Engine” error screen, follow these steps to get CrashPlan working again. 1. Start > Run > type “services.msc” and hit Enter 2. Find “CrashPlan Backup Service” in the list of services and double-click on it. 3. Click the Start button to ensure […]

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Create PDF from Blank File

How to Insert Blank Page in PDF File

Adding a blank page to an Adobe PDF file is surprisingly easy. The first step is opening your version of Adobe Acrobat Standard (note: I am using version 8). There is a “Create PDF” button, but that won’t help you create a blank page. Instead, look up to the menu bar and make the following […]

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GMail - Filter Unread Emails

Show Only Unread Email in GMail

So you just setup a ton of filters in GMail to separate the clutter from your precious inbox. The next step is to read and/or delete all of the emails in your inbox which have managed to “slip through the cracks” over the years. The inbox can be filtered to show only unread email by […]

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